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The project we worked on with the European Union in Nigeria, which resulted in the production of Judith Rueff's award-winning film "The Road to Life", led to the production of a second film, "Hope".

This film was produced by FACTSTORY with the financial support of the European Union. 


Director: Yann Ollivier and Moïse Gomis. 

Script: Yann Ollivier and Judith Rueff.


The existing footage from THE ROAD TO LIFE was used to produce this film. A new script, including cartographic animations and a voice-over, was produced in June 2021. Post-production was completed in July-August 2021.


Subsequently, we worked hard on the promotion (translation into five languages, broadcast on all Nigerian TVs and dissemination on AFP Forum, etc).

Teasers and short cuts of the film were disseminated over social media accounts of the EU Delegation in Nigeria.


The organisation of a Premiere event, with notable press coverage, was part of the dissemination/promotion strategy.

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