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"Les Grandes Impressions"

FACTSTORY helped develop a new sports program broadcast on Pickx+. Every Monday evening, presenter and former Olympic champion Olivia Borlee receive Belgian sport guests to discuss an event that has particularly inspired them.

In 2022, Proximus asked FACSTORY to produce a programme for Pickx+,  retracing key moments in sporting history, in French and Flemish. On set, athletes and experts discuss and relive these exploits, accompanied by a different presenter in each of the two languages.

From editorial and logistical pre-production to artistic post-production, we dedicated a production team specifically to this large-scale project. Our teams provided the archive footage, filmed on set and on location and assembled each programme.

We produced several episodes for the programme ‘Les Grandes Impressions’ in French, and ‘Mijlpaal’ in Flemish. The episodes are broadcast on the Pickx+ channel and presented in French by former Olympic athlete Olivia Borlée and in Flemish by Sverre Denis.


Our team worked on the creative concept behind "Les Grandes Impressions", bringing up ideas for the themes and topics of the programme. 

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