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The European Parliament

A long-term relationship, for long-term results.

FACTSTORY produces videos for the European Parliament's website and social media pages. We illustrate and explain, through impactful videos, the debates, adopted laws, and their consequences on the life of European citizens. Our teams, based in Brussels and Strasbourg cover the news of the European Parliament through a wide variety of approaches: animations, interviews, mini documentaries and content for social media.

Day after day...

Our agency also provides our client with a permanent team dedicated to the video productions of the European Parliament's Web Communication Unit.


The core of our team is composed of 3 journalists, 2 video editors (depending on the projects), 3 producers, 1 project manager and 1 editor. Their mission? Researching, proposing subjects and concepts, keeping up to date with the news, covering events, writing scripts, editing videos, graphic design, organising shoots all over Europe, voicing videos in English and translations. Many freelancers support them in order to carry out the various projects of European Parliament’s Web Communication Unit.


Multidisciplinary and reactive, our teams can be mobilised, throughout Europe, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in order to meet the expectations and obligations of the European Parliament and its news items, even at the last minute, in the 24 official languages of the Parliament.


To do this, our agency has developed a custom-made platform that allows us to efficiently translate the content producedin any of the 24 languages, in less than a day, with the presence of a single video editor.


As a result, we produce more than 300 videos every year, delivered every day, on the website as well as on the European Parliament's Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube accounts.

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