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For more than 10 years, FACTSTORY has been imagining and producing audiovisual solutions to effectively support the external and internal communication of companies in all sectors. Whether for video, photo, articles or podcast, our creative teams create original and impactful content, with a strong editorial added value.

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Window shopping

Video report of the inaugural event in Paris, France.


Tasty time

Video report at the factory for internal communication.

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A world without waste

Creative production in Latin America.

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Top of the class

Motion design, animations and interviews. 

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In the fields

Video report and interviews in Kazakhstan.

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Let's celebrate

Video series for a communication campaign in Asia.


Change for women

Creative campign for women rights awareness in Latin America.

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Have a drink?

Video report in the heart of the vanyard.

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New opening

Video report for the inauguration in China.

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