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Bolivia - PAR II project

World Bank.

We work from idea design to production and distribution. Based on the themes and countries covered by the organization, a creative team of FACTSTORY develops the narrative, including suggestions for approach, tone and cases that humanize these issues. Teams of journalists, videographers and editors produce documentary coverage in different countries. Multi-format content is edited for all broadcast platforms.

We create pieces in the form of choral stories, each containing three to six real stories of high narrative, creative and technical quality.


From the digital divide to the challenges faced by farmers, to supporting migrants and refugees, we are positioning messages dynamically and seeking to reach the public with real-life stories.

The World Bank supports several projects in Latin America and the Caribbean to address development challenges in the areas of education, health, infrastructure, communications, tax reforms, etc. In order to give visibility to this contribution, the organization asked us to create several audiovisual messages intended to be broadcast both internally and in academic circles, as well as on social networks.

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