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Resilient Classrooms

World Bank

The World Bank commissioned FACTSTORY to focus on several of its projects across different African countries, specifically a project called “Resilient Classrooms”, allowing children access to comprehensive education in new facilities, and protecting them from the elements when necessary.


Our main objective: to translate the actions of the World Bank in Africa and its positive results in the most humane way possible to make them more concrete.


To do this, we proposed a creative approach based on the human and the history of the different protagonists. Meeting these people, hearing them talk about their experience and how they have benefited from the World Bank will allow the audience to see concrete testimonies, sometimes more powerful and human.

We then delivered a content campaign for the World Bank, focused on their impact: 


  • A 4min video, illustrating the beneficiaries of the new schools and the improvements made.

  • Short-content adapted to social networks. 

  • A selection of photos.

  • Articles.

  • Podcast content.

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