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Iron Man

Sports event coverage.

On the occasion of the unmissable Standard Chartered Nice Marathon 2023, Ironman sought to showcase content related to its event for widespread communication, now that the project has been successfully executed.

To achieve this, FACTSTORY offered assistance in producing photos and videos throughout the weekend event, covering pre-event, during, and post-race moments. The goal was to visually capture all the highlights of the marathon and its surroundings, encompassing both the landscape and human aspects.

For several years, we had the privilege of accompanying Ironman and World Athletics in various sporting events that have shaped their history, and we were confident in our ability to deliver the content you desired.

Our specialized teams provided the photo and video content needed, adhering to agreed-upon timelines and terms.

We ensured to deliver the ambiance, style, and aesthetic the organizers desired while offering high-quality content with significant editorial value. The images conveyed the beauty of the landscape and the emotions of the participants, staff, and spectators.

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