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Internal communication. 

Since 2017, Total Energies has been giving its employees the chance to take part in a unique initiative: the ACRS, a capital increase reserved exclusively for employees. Across the world, our employees now have the opportunity to subscribe to shares in our company. In order to share this exceptional opportunity and encourage more employees to take part, Total Energies would like to communicate about this offer.

We have produced videos featuring the testimonies of Total Energies employees who have signed up to ACRS and filmed them in the 4 corners of the globe, highlighting one employee per country: Egypt, Cameroon, USA, UK, Libya, Tunisia, China, France and Bolivia.

We produced 22 videos for the Total Energies intranet. We produced one video capsule per protagonist, in 2 versions (FR + EN). Some interviews had to be translated, particularly those in Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. We also produced a "choral" video featuring the best lines from the protagonists. Finally, we produced a teaser for the video (EN + FR).

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