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We Take Action

World Bank.

The Latin American and Caribbean region shares opportunities and challenges, and the same transformative force drives people to improve their present and future. Adversity is constant, and so is the strength of each country, which is why the World Bank is strengthening its commitment to promoting shared prosperity for change.

The FACTSTORY team designed and developed a communication campaign that shows the strength of a region in a difficult context and describes the projects of the organization. The #WeTakeAction campaign was managed by a coordinating, creative and production team that ensured the narrative unity and quality of all content across Latin America and the Caribbean, while preserving the local essence and culture.

We developed the campaign concept, brand manual, toolkit and graphic design. We also provided:

  • Journalistic texts

  • Animations 

  • Social media content

  • Website design


All documents were produced in Spanish, English and Portuguese, in different formats.

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