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Lara Wolters, 36, is a Dutch socialist who has dreamed her whole life of giving environmental campaigners — like her father — a bigger voice in Europe. Manon Aubry, 32, is a crafty and pugnacious left wing populist from France who will stop at almost nothing to win public support for her progressive causes.   Heidi Hautala, 66, is a Green vice-president of the European Parliament. She has been once a member of government in Finland, before resigning amidst of allegations of abuse of power in favour of Greenpeace activists. Stopping modern slavery and environmental destruction is a no-brainer for this trio.  But now their credibility is on the line. They need to get legislation onto the EU books by the end of 2023 to beat the election cycle. It’s a race against time.  Their law against exploitation would hold companies liable for slave labor and environmental destruction in their supply chains. But many businesses and foreign governments are resisting, and the trio’s ideals and stamina are tested to breaking point. By the time a final round of negotiations unfolds opponents inside and outside the Parliament are seeking to pit the trio against one another. 

A 95' and 52' film directed by Fanny Tondre. Written by Fanny Tondre and Yann Ollivier.


Produced by Yann Ollivier and Félicie Roblin.

 Edited by Emmanuelle Giry. 

Cinematography: Fanny Tondre. 

Production manager Claire Millière. 

Music: Charlie Kim Nguyen. 

Editorial advice: James Kanter and Loreline Merelle. 

Graphic design AMOPIX - Candice Hoffmeyer. 

Post-production INNERVISION. 

Sound mixing Régis Diebold. 

With the support of the CNC, the Région Grand Est and the Eurométropole de Strasbourg, the PROCIREP-ANGOA and the Fondation Menschenwürde und Arbeistwelt.

(c)Zadig Productions-Factstory_Le Compromis - Stills_1.337.1.jpg
(c)Zadig Productions-Factstory_Le Compromis - Stills_1.586.1.jpg


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